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Grotta del Arenauti with James and Caro, our tricks!!!

Along the coast down Roma, on the beach, the limestone has formed an incredible cave, 20m high, full of tuffas: grotta del arenauti.
This spot is the most overhanging, modern climbing style place that we went to during our Italian job, and as well hosts one of the few 9a’s of Italy. You will find plenty of 8’s, all more incredible that the others, but as well, as the sides of the cave are verticals with big colos, more then 10 routes in the 6’s . Combine it with a very short approach, and yes, you guessed it, that’s a 5 stars spot!
On the day we climbed there, we got quite unlucky with flies and mosquitoes, but normally the conditions are really good, and you can climb in the rain.

How to go there:
The parking is a quite dirty little place along the road between Gaeta and ???.  It is indicated with the sign”
Ultima spiaggia"

Once you parked, go along the road and follow the steps down to the beach. We had to jumb over the gate, but sometimes it’s just open. Once on the beach, go left, until an obvious sand path. The cave is hidden behind a dune.

The routes we climbed:
Arreu arreu, a super cool 6c on big holds, quite short with 6 quickdraws.
Cavalieri selvaggi is a long endurance 8a+ with a nasty surprise at the end. Really worth the pump!
La theoria dell 8a, long endurance 8b+, little cruxes, rests, and a cool hanging full rest.


Where we ate:

 There are lots of restaurants in Gaeta, but we didn’t eat there. We just bought some gnocchi, gorgonzola and Ruccola in a small supermarket in Gaeta. And, well, that definitely makes the trick too!

Where we slept:
In Gaeta, on the way to Monte Spacata, you can find a parking on the right of the road, quite silent.



A few routes to get an Idea:

1: Invidia 8b+
2: La Teoria dell 8a 8b+
3: Areu Areu 6c
4: Super Daytona 8a+
5: Jeremy's fun 7b