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Monte Amiata with James and Caro, our tricks!!!


Even Italian climbers often havn’t heard about Monte Amiata. This bouldering spot is well hidden in a chestnut forest, and even if very hard boulders have been made by Michele Caminati, there is no official topo, nore any non official one. By going there you may be lucky and meet a local in the boulders, otherwise this will be a “blind” day, no grades, and sometimes that’s quite refreshing!
Amiata is a volcanic rock, sometimes a bit rough, sometimes amazingly shaped!

Ho w to go there…
One hour down from Siena on the SR2 until just after San Quirico d'Orcia, Then take the SS323 until Castel del piano, a village of Toscani. There, drive up the hill towards Monte Amiata for 10 to 15 minutes, on a windy road in the forest. When you pass Hotel Contessa turn left onto a smaller road. There is one spot of boulders 200m left of the road.

GPS: N42.882065,E11.615117

About other sectors, There is no topo, just hope you will meet some nice locals to get you to the perls of Amiata!

Where to sleep…
We just parked in a pine of the forest road, next to the boulder. As long as you are quiet , no one ever comes to ask you questions.

Where to eat…
In Caster del Piano, there is a pizza shop on the main place. You buy for 2 eeuros squares of pizza, with our very favorite: truffles and porcini… mmmmm